1999 Fiat P5 Multipla Review

Home / 1999 Fiat Multipla Engine location front, traction front, stroke 78,4 mm., P5 vendor, fuel type gasoline, 5 doors, 6 seats, wheelbase 2670 mm., displacement 1596 cc., transmission type manual.
  • Body: Minivan
  • Year produced: 1999
  • Capacity (cc): 1596 cc
  • Catalog number: P5
  • Fuel type: Gasoline

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Catalog CodeModelVolumeTransmission
P5BB1998 Fiat Punto Cabriolet1242 см3Manual
P5B81986 Fiat Ritmo 1116 см3n\a
P5BL1988 Fiat Regata 1301 см3Manual
P5BM1987 Fiat Regata 1301 см3Manual
P5BZ1988 Fiat Regata Weekend1301 см3Manual
P5BC2003 Fiat Punto Fire 1.21240 см3Manual
P5B71982 Fiat Ritmo 1116 см3n\a
P5B11985 Fiat Regata Weekend1300 см3Manual
P5B51984 Fiat Ritmo 1116 см3n\a
P5BD1994 Fiat Punto Cabriolet ELX1581 см3Manual
P5BJ1984 Fiat Regata 1299 см3Manual
P5BH1994 Fiat Punto GT1372 см3Manual
P5BP1983 Fiat Regata 1.51498 см3Manual
P5BA2000 Fiat Punto Cabriolet1242 см3Manual
P5BX1983 Fiat Regata Turbo Diesel Super1929 см3Manual
P5BF2003 Fiat Punto Fire 1.41368 см3Manual
P5BN1985 Fiat Regata 1301 см3Manual
P5BK1986 Fiat Regata 1301 см3Manual
P5B01987 Fiat Regata Weekend1301 см3Manual
P5BR1983 Fiat Regata 1.61585 см3Manual
P5BW1983 Fiat Regata 701301 см3Manual
P5B41987 Fiat Ritmo 1116 см3n\a
P5BS1985 Fiat Regata 1.6 Weekend1568 см3Manual
P5BT1983 Fiat Regata 1.7 D1714 см3Manual
P5BI1994 Fiat Punto TD SX1698 см3Manual
P5BU1985 Fiat Regata 1.9 D Weekend1929 см3Manual
P5BG2003 Fiat Punto Fire 1.4 Sporting1368 см3Manual
P5BY1983 Fiat Regata 851585 см3Manual
P5B91981 Fiat Ritmo 1049 см3Manual
P5BE2003 Fiat Punto Fire 1.2 Dualogic1242 см3n\a
P5B31986 Fiat Regata Weekend1301 см3Manual
P5B61985 Fiat Ritmo 1116 см3n\a
P5BQ1985 Fiat Regata 1.5 Weekend1585 см3Manual
P5BO1983 Fiat Regata 1001585 см3Manual
P5BV1985 Fiat Regata 1.7 D Weekend1698 см3Manual
P5B21983 Fiat Ritmo 1116 см3n\a
P58B2006 Fiat Strada 1.6 ELX1579 см3Manual
P5881988 Fiat Tipo 1108 см3Manual
P58L2007 Fiat Strada X-Space1368 см3Manual
P58M2009 Fiat Strada 1.4 X-Space Adventure1368 см3Manual
P58Z1991 Fiat Tempra 1.9 D Break1929 см3Manual
P58C2006 Fiat Strada 1.7 TD EL1697 см3Manual
P5871990 Fiat Tempra 1.9 D SX1929 см3Manual
P5811990 Fiat Tempra 1.9 TDS Weekend1928 см3Manual
P5851988 Fiat Tipo 1.4 S1372 см3Manual
P58D1982 Fiat Strada 105 TC1585 см3Manual
P58J1990 Fiat Tempra 1579 см3n\a
P58H1996 Fiat Tempra 1372 см3Manual
P58P1993 Fiat Tempra 1995 см3Manual
P58A2007 Fiat Strada 1.6 ELX1581 см3Manual
P58X1991 Fiat Tempra 1372 см3Manual
P58F2008 Fiat Strada 1.4 X-Space Adventure1368 см3Manual
P58N1981 Fiat Strada Abarth 125 TC1995 см3Manual
P58K1992 Fiat Tempra 1372 см3Manual
P5801990 Fiat Tempra 1.8 ie SX Weekend1756 см3Manual
P58R2008 Fiat Strada 1.4 X-Space1368 см3Manual
P58W1994 Fiat Tempra 1370 см3Manual
P5841990 Fiat Tempra 1.81756 см3Manual
P58S2010 Fiat Strada 1.3 Multijet1248 см3Manual
P58T2007 Fiat Strada 1.6 EL1581 см3Manual
P58I2011 Fiat Strada 1.41368 см3Manual
P58U2012 Fiat Strada 1.81368 см3Manual
P58G2006 Fiat Strada 1.6 EL1581 см3Manual
P58Y1990 Fiat Tempra 1.8 ie SX1756 см3Manual
P5891990 Fiat Tempra 2.0 Suite1995 см3Manual
P58E1995 Fiat Tempra 1372 см3Manual
P5831990 Fiat Tempra 1.6 Weekend1581 см3Manual
P5861995 Fiat Tempra Break1755 см3Manual
P58Q2011 Fiat Strada 1.81368 см3Manual
P58O2007 Fiat Strada X-Space Adventure1366 см3Manual
P58V2010 Fiat Strada 1.81368 см3Manual
P5821990 Fiat Tempra 1.41372 см3Manual
P5LB1974 Fiat 128 Coupe1116 см3n\a
P5L81972 Fiat 130 Coupe3238 см3n\a
P5LL1971 Fiat 128 Rallye1288 см3Manual
P5LM1978 Fiat 128 Panorama1116 см3Manual
P5LZ1961 Fiat 1300 1.51481 см3Manual
P5LC1972 Fiat 128 Coupe1115 см3n\a
P5L71969 Fiat 130 Coupe3238 см3n\a
P5L11976 Fiat 130 3.23238 см3Manual
P5L51970 Fiat 130 Automatic2866 см3Automatic
P5LD1973 Fiat 128 Coupe1116 см3n\a
P5LJ1977 Fiat 128 Panorama1115 см3Manual
P5LH1975 Fiat 128 Panorama1116 см3Manual
P5LP1963 Fiat 1300 1295 см3Manual
P5LA1971 Fiat 128 1100 SL Coupe1115 см3Manual
P5LX1972 Fiat 130 3.23238 см3Manual
P5LF1969 Fiat 128 Estate1115 см3Manual
P5LN1970 Fiat 130 2866 см3Manual
P5LK1980 Fiat 128 Panorama1116 см3Manual
P5L01972 Fiat 130 3.2 Automatic3238 см3Automatic
P5LR1961 Fiat 1300 1295 см3Manual
P5LW1971 Fiat 130 3.23238 см3Manual
P5L41975 Fiat 130 3.2 Automatic3238 см3Automatic
P5LS1964 Fiat 1300 1293 см3Manual
P5LT1962 Fiat 1300 1295 см3Manual
P5LI1979 Fiat 128 Panorama1116 см3Manual
P5LU1973 Fiat 130 3.23237 см3Manual
P5LG1976 Fiat 128 Panorama1116 см3Manual
P5LY1973 Fiat 130 3.2 Automatic3237 см3Automatic
P5L91976 Fiat 130 Coupe3238 см3n\a
P5LE1972 Fiat 128 Coupe 1.31290 см3n\a
P5L31976 Fiat 130 3.2 Automatic3238 см3Automatic
P5L61974 Fiat 130 Coupe3238 см3n\a
P5LQ1969 Fiat 130 2866 см3Automatic
P5LO1971 Fiat 130 2866 см3Manual
P5LV1975 Fiat 130 3.23238 см3Manual
P5L21971 Fiat 130 3.2 Automatic3238 см3Automatic